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Kai Beauty Care

Kai offers proven high-quality Beauty Care tools for daily body care. The Beauty Care instruments have been developed to the highest standards of function and design that are comfortable and safe to handle and impress with their noble and simple shapes.

Ersatzklinge mit Schutzkamm
Kai Beauty Care, Ersatzklinge mit Schutzkamm
nail clipper
Kai Beauty Care, nail clipper
Kai hair scissors
Kai Beauty Care, Kai hair scissors
KAI Nagelzange
Kai Beauty Care, KAI Nagelzange
Kai thinning scissors
Kai Beauty Care, Kai thinning scissors
Maniküre Set
Kai Beauty Care, Maniküre Set
KAI Fussnagelknipser
Kai Beauty Care, KAI Fussnagelknipser
Rasiermesser Ersatzklinge
Kai Beauty Care, Rasiermesser Ersatzklinge
Nagelpflege Set
Kai Beauty Care, Nagelpflege Set
KAI Rasiermesser
Kai Beauty Care, KAI Rasiermesser
KAI Nagelknipser
Kai Beauty Care, KAI Nagelknipser
nose hair trimmer
Kai Beauty Care, nose hair trimmer

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