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damask chef's knife

Artikel-Nr: 0856,210,094000, length/dimension: 21 cm,
Brand: Tsukasa, Selection: Custom Knife, Sale 20%, Brand line: Flux jump line, Knife shape: Chef's knife

                    The damask chef's knife with especially grained blade
                    The damask chef's knife is fabricated by hand
                    The damask chef's knife is forged according to a special technique

This damask chef's knife is part of the Tsukasa Flussprung series and is a Kuro-Wa-Guyoto-chef's knife. For the fabrication of this damask chef's knife, a string of Masa-me/Itame is wound around a string of mono steel; then the two steels are forged.

Like this, the damask chef's knife gets an extraordinary damascene look, which shows the emotional damask flow as well as the silent surface of the mono steel. The handle of the damask chef's knife is made from Enyu, which is a special Japanese wood with pentagonal shape. Thanks to the handle and the double-edged blade, the damask chef's knife is suitable for right handers as well as for lefties.

damask chef's knife

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