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Chef's knife

The chef's knife represents the universal knife of the kitchen and is the most important knife of a cook. In constrast to the utility knife, the chef's knife has a larger blade and is appropriate for the cutting of meat, fish as well as vegetables. 

Synchros Chef's knife
Chef's knife, Synchros Chef's knife
The Knife Kochmesser
Chef's knife, The Knife Kochmesser
Small chef's knife
Chef's knife, Small chef's knife
damask chef's knife
Chef's knife, damask chef's knife
pink chef's knife
Chef's knife, pink chef's knife
Michel Bras small Santoku
Chef's knife, Michel Bras small Santoku
damask steel chef's knife
Chef's knife, damask steel chef's knife
large Kyocera chef knife
Chef's knife, large Kyocera chef knife
Triangle Allzweckmesser
Chef's knife, Triangle Allzweckmesser
Güde knife
Chef's knife, Güde knife
Red Wood chef's knife
Chef's knife, Red Wood chef's knife
Güde kitchen knife
Chef's knife, Güde kitchen knife
knife set Alpha
Chef's knife, knife set Alpha
Kyocera large chef's knife
Chef's knife, Kyocera large chef's knife
Wasabi chef's knife
Chef's knife, Wasabi chef's knife

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