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Sale 20 %

Among the sale products you can order on welt-der-messer.ch knives, knives sets, cutting underlays, knife blocks and others for advantageaous prizes. In the sale category are also offered on reduced prizes the discontinued models.

Zester-Reibe pink
Sale 20 %, Zester-Reibe pink
kitchen knife Alpha
Sale 20 %, kitchen knife Alpha
Ham Knife Alpha
Sale 20 %, Ham Knife Alpha
Windmühle steak fork
Sale 20 %, Windmühle steak fork
Windmühle steak knife set
Sale 20 %, Windmühle steak knife set
orange slicing knife
Sale 20 %, orange slicing knife
Slotted Pallet
Sale 20 %, Slotted Pallet
Kai thinning scissors
Sale 20 %, Kai thinning scissors
Electric ceramic mill
Sale 20 %, Electric ceramic mill
Nagelpflege Set
Sale 20 %, Nagelpflege Set
large Kyocera chef knife
Sale 20 %, large Kyocera chef knife
bread knife composite
Sale 20 %, bread knife composite
Offset Brad Knife
Sale 20 %, Offset Brad Knife
Drawer insert made of synthetic material
Sale 20 %, Drawer insert made of synthetic material
pantry set
Sale 20 %, pantry set
Minamo Santoku Knife
Sale 20 %, Minamo Santoku Knife

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