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Custom knife

A high-quality custom knife is a handmade unique piece for knife enthusiasts. Each custom knife is a real masterpiece of craftsmanship – for knife connoisseurs who appreciate the value and luxury of the extraordinary.

Pocketknife damascus
Custom knife, Pocketknife damascus
Table knife damask
Custom knife, Table knife damask
swiss damask knife
Custom knife, swiss damask knife
Oyster knife damask
Custom knife, Oyster knife damask
hand-forged damask knife
Custom knife, hand-forged damask knife
swiss damask fork
Custom knife, swiss damask fork
Damast Folder Mooreiche
Custom knife, Damast Folder Mooreiche
swiss damask knife set
Custom knife, swiss damask knife set
Damask table knife set
Custom knife, Damask table knife set
steak cutlery damask
Custom knife, steak cutlery damask
Kai Shi Hou IV
Custom knife, Kai Shi Hou IV
damask knife Güde
Custom knife, damask knife Güde
cheese knife damask
Custom knife, cheese knife damask
damask steel chef's knife
Custom knife, damask steel chef's knife

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