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knife bag equipped

Artikel-Nr: SM-L-BS, length/dimension: 56x44x2 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Knife set, Brand line: Accessories

                    knife bag equipped – Shun
                    knife bag equipped – decoration set
                    knife bag equipped – kitchen tweezer
                    knife bag equipped – kitchen spatula
                    knife bag equipped – zester

The knife bag equipped is a compact solution for the chef as well as for the hobby cook. The knife bag equipped contains 5 high quality Japanese knives out of the Kai Shun-Series. The blades are protected with magnetic flaps. The bag is made in Switzerland.

The bag equipped contains the following damask kitchen knives: utility knife, fillet knife, Santoku, slicing knife, bread knife. In addition the knife bag is equipped with the following useful kitchen utensils: Triangle Garnish Set 7 pcs, Triangle barbcue tweezers 30cm, cranked spatula 12cm, Microplane Zester.

You will find more information here: www.sknife.com

knife bag equipped

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