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bread cutting board

Artikel-Nr: SS-48AB, length/dimension: 48x24x1.8 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Sale 20%, Cutting boards, Brand line: Surf

                    The bread cutting board is made of maple wood
                    The bread cutting board reminds of a surfboard
                    detail view of the bread cutting board

The bread cutting board reminds of a surfboard. That's also the reason why the series is called "Surf". The bread cutting board is fabricated in Switzerland from local and sustainable maple wood. The sunk boards are finely polished. Like this, they get their fine surface.

Thanks to its special shape, the bread cutting board is not only suitable to cut bread, but also to serve it. The so called "swallowtail" gives to the surfboard its manoeuvrability. The cutting board has like this the perfect shape for serving.

The cutting board is not dishwashersafe.

bread cutting board

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