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knife holder set oak

Artikel-Nr: E380 SET 1, length/dimension: 23x29x11 cm,
Brand: Güde, Selection: Knife block, Brand line: Barrel oak series

                    The knife holder set oak guarantees the safe storage of 5 knives
                    The knife holder set oak is magnetic and made from oak wood

The knife holder set oak holds 5 knives and guarantees their hygienic and safe storage. The magnetic knife holder set oak is made from massive oak wood.

This knife holder set oak is delivered with the 5 following Güde barrel oak knives:

- E430/21 Güde bread knife, blade: 21 cm
- E764/10 Güde utility knife, blade: 10 cm
- E764/13 Güde lardoning knife, blade: 13 cm
- E765/18 Güde filet knife, blade: 18 cm
- E805/21 Güde chef's knife, blade: 21 cm

The knife holder is also available as Güde knife holder oak without knives.

knife holder set oak

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