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damascene bread knife

Artikel-Nr: DA-7431/32, length/dimension: 32 cm,
Brand: Güde, Selection: Custom Knife, Brand line: Damask steel, Knife shape: Bread knife

                    Damaszener Brotmesser mit Wellenschliff
                    damascene bread knife with special grain
                    damascene bread knife made from wild damask
                    production of the damascene bread knife
                    The damascene bread knife is forged by hand
                    cutler fabricating the damascene bread knife

The damascene bread knife is made from "wild damask". The handle of the damascene bread knife is made from extremely hard, up to 1500 years old desert iron wood.

The damascene steel, which is used for the production of the damascene bread knife, is composed by two types of steel, which are connected under highest temperatures: one is a high-alloyed tool steel, which is hard but brash, and a viscous, hard nickel steel, which has 5-6 % content of nickel (soft and flexible).

They are alternatively joined to more than 300 layers. Like this, a hard but still elastic steel is created. The steel is not rustproof. From such a piece of steel, the shape of a knife's blade is forged in a forging die by a two tons drop hammer. 50 other work steps must be completed at the manufacture Güde to complete the damascene bread knife.

The unique grain of the blade of the damascene bread knife is pointed out thanks to a special etching procedure.

The knife should be cleaned by hand. We recommend lubricating the blade with acid-free oil after cleaning.

damascene bread knife

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