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Güde knife set

Artikel-Nr: 3-E000, length/dimension: 21.0/21.0/10.0 cm,
Brand: Güde, Selection: Knife set, Brand line: Barrel oak series, Knife shape: Chef's knife

                    Güde knife set with lardoning knife, slicing knife and chef's knife
                    The Güde knife set is produced in more than 40 manual worksteps 
                    chef's knife of the Güde knife set in use
                    The Güde knife set has special oak wood handles
                    Güde knife set production - knives in the sand for cooling

The Güde knife set is composed by a lardoning knife, a slicing knife and a chef's knife. The Güde knife set contains like this the three most important kitchen knives.

The three knives of the Güde knife set have an individual handle of oak wood of old wine barrels. Each one of these knives is manually fabricated in a traditionnal procedure. The Güde knife set is perfectly suitable as gift for wine connoisseurs or cooking enthusiasts.

Because of the oak wooden handle, the knives are not dishwasher safe.


This Güde knife set contains:

E805/21 Güde chef's knife

E765/21 Güde slicing knife

E764/10 Güde utility knife

Güde knife set

EUR 407.74
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