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Carving knife

Artikel-Nr: DM-0703, length/dimension: 20 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Slicing knife

                    Damask carving knife of Kai
                    Pakka wood handle of carving knife
                    Young national team of cooking with carving knife
                    carving knife cutting roast
                    Production of kai carving knife

Thanks to its long and slim shape of its blade, the carving knife does not stick. By cutting you should use the whole lenth of the blade of the carving knife off the reel. Like this roasts or terrines can be cut finely and neatly.

The convex cut of the blade, together with the manual honing of this damask carving knife, delivers a peerless sharpness that allows the carving knife to cut through even the toughest material. This sharpness together with the well-balanced  weight of the Kai carving knife permits an effortless working.


Bestseller of the Kai Shun series is the Santoku.

Carving knife

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