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Japanese knife

To the category of Japanese knife belong the Deba, Yanagiba, Sushi and Sashimi knives which are used to cut or chop vegetables, meat or fish. A Japanese knife convinces by its very sharp blade and its V-cut, which is characteristical for Japanese knives.

Kai Wasabi Deba
Japanese knife, Kai Wasabi Deba
Kai Wasabi Deba knife
Japanese knife, Kai Wasabi Deba knife
Wasabi Yanagiba
Japanese knife, Wasabi Yanagiba
Wasabi Yanagiba knife
Japanese knife, Wasabi Yanagiba knife
Red Wood Yanagiba
Japanese knife, Red Wood Yanagiba
Kai Shun Kiritsuke
Japanese knife, Kai Shun Kiritsuke
Kai Wasabi Yanagiba
Japanese knife, Kai Wasabi Yanagiba
Shun Pro Deba knife
Japanese knife, Shun Pro Deba knife
Yanagiba Shun Pro Sho
Japanese knife, Yanagiba Shun Pro Sho
Shun Pro Sho Nakiri
Japanese knife, Shun Pro Sho Nakiri
Wasabi Deba knife
Japanese knife, Wasabi Deba knife

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