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bread knife

The bread knife has a long serrated blade, which causes an extension of the cutting face. Thanks to the pointy teeth the cutting products such as crusty bread or roasts but also fruit like pineapple are opened in order to cut them.

Tim Mälzer bread knife
bread knife, Tim Mälzer bread knife
Nagare bread knife
bread knife, Nagare bread knife
Kamagata Bread Knife
bread knife, Kamagata Bread Knife
Shun White Bread Knife
bread knife, Shun White Bread Knife
Janus Bread Knife
bread knife, Janus Bread Knife
Güde bread knife
bread knife, Güde bread knife
Caminada bread knife
bread knife, Caminada bread knife
Brotmesser Eikaso
bread knife, Brotmesser Eikaso
Offset Brad Knife
bread knife, Offset Brad Knife
bread knife composite
bread knife, bread knife composite
Pure Komachi bread knife
bread knife, Pure Komachi bread knife
Bread knife Shun
bread knife, Bread knife Shun
Nesmuk Soul bread knife
bread knife, Nesmuk Soul bread knife

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