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Kai knives

Kai is the leading manufacturer of high quality damask knives. The kitchen knives series Kai Shun is one of the most extensive damask knives series in the world and finds the approval of the elite chefs and hobby cooks.

knife block Stonehenge oak wood
Kai knives, knife block Stonehenge oak wood
Kai knives, Santoku
Kamagata Bread Knife
Kai knives, Kamagata Bread Knife
Santoku left handed
Kai knives, Santoku left handed
Kai Wasabi Steakmesserset
Kai knives, Kai Wasabi Steakmesserset
Wakatake Allzweckmesser
Kai knives, Wakatake Allzweckmesser
Chef's knife left handed
Kai knives, Chef's knife left handed
Kai Whetstone
Kai knives, Kai Whetstone
magnetic knife block
Kai knives, magnetic knife block
Kai Wasabi Yanagiba
Kai knives, Kai Wasabi Yanagiba
Kitchen knife
Kai knives, Kitchen knife
Peeling knife
Kai knives, Peeling knife
Knife set Kai
Kai knives, Knife set Kai
Kai professional grinding set
Kai knives, Kai professional grinding set
Shun Hackbeil
Kai knives, Shun Hackbeil

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