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SteakChamp Thermometer

Artikel-Nr: 10-2020, length/dimension: 7.50 cm,
Brand: Welt der Messer Tools, Selection: Grill accessories, Brand line: SteakChamp

                    SteakChamp Thermometer
                    SteakChamp Thermometer_Function
                    SteakChamp Thermometer_manual
                    SteakChamp Thermometer_core temperature

The SteakChamp Thermometer is a fantastic steak-tool. The SteakChamp Thermometer is simple to use: to get the perfect steak insert the stainless steel probe sidewise into your raw steak and place it on the grill/ frying pan. The color-coded LED flashing light tells you when to remove your steak from the grill (flash starts) to allow it to enter a resting phase, where the steak continues cooking off the heat. When flashing signal stops, resting is over and your meat is ready to enjoy.

The SteakChamp Thermometer is recommended by steak-experts. The determination of the SteakChamp thermometer core temperatures was supported by an international team of experts (star chefs, steakhouse chefs, steak and meat experts from the US and Europe). It is super accurate and a safe and hygienic way to prepare great-tasting beef, pork, fish, game or poultry.


SteakChamp Thermometer

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