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Kai thinning scissors

Artikel-Nr: ET-60 OS T38B, length/dimension: 15.20 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Scissors, Brand line: Beauty Care

                    Kai thinning scissors with 38 teeth
                    Kai thinning scissors of high quality steel

The cranked Kai thinning scissors of the Excelia series is fabricated in Japan by Kasho, who is known for its high quality hair scissors. The Kai thinning scissors of stainless, polished 440C steel is used by professionals to thin out and to shape the hair. But it is also suitable for private use. The upper edge has 38 teeth, the lower edge has a semi-convex and Japanese hollow grinding, which reduces the resistance while cutting and limits the tiredness of the hand.

The finger hook is removable. The length of the Kai thinning scissors is 17 cm (6.7").

Kai thinning scissors

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