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Soul carving-knife

Artikel-Nr: S3O1602012, length/dimension: 16 cm,
Brand: Nesmuk, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Soul, Knife shape: Slicing knife

                    The Soul carving knife has a longlasting sharpness.
                    Nesmuk knives such as the Soul carving knife are honoured with the Int. Knife Award
                    Nesmuk sealing of the Soul carving knife

Outstanding and longlasting sharpness is the characteristics of the Soul carving-knife. The Soul carving-knife offers highest precision for manual tasks.

The Soul carving-knife is liked by professional cooks as well as by ambitious amateur cooks. The blade of the Soul carving-knife is made of rustproof high-class steel, which is refined by an alloy of niobium an reaches a hardness of 61 HRC. The handle of the Soul carving-knife is made of Mediterranean olive wood, is perfectly adapted to the cutting movements and has a good manageability.

Soul carving-knife

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