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Janus slicer

Artikel-Nr: J5M1602013, length/dimension: 16 cm,
Brand: Nesmuk, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Janus, Knife shape: Slicing knife

                    The Janus slicer offers highest cutting precision
                    The Janus slicer is characterized by excellent sharpness
                    Wet-grinding of the Janus slicer
                    Manufacturing of the Janus slicer

Highest cutting precision – with the Janus slicer: the high quality Janus slicer is characterized by excellent sharpness.

The metallic structure of the blade of the Janus slicer made of a top-class steel is refined by niobium in a new process. Through this, the Janus slicer gets its excellent sharpness. Moreover, the blade is optimized by a layer of DLC (Diamond-like-carbon), which leads to enormous hardness and better adhesion strength of the Janus slicer. The perfect ergonomics of the handle of marsh oak wood guarantees effortless working. This old, European, black-grey wood shimmers from bluish to brownish.

Janus slicer

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