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pocket knife Soul

Artikel-Nr: FSO2013, length/dimension: 8.50 cm,
Brand: Nesmuk, Selection: Clasp knife, Brand line: Soul, Knife shape: Pocket knife

                    The pocket knife Soul has a olive wood handle.
                    Nesmuk knives such as the pocket-knife Soul are honoured with the Int. Knife Award

The pocket knife Soul is simple but still exclusive. The discreet blade of the pocket knife Soul is made of top-class steel with a share of niobium.

Thereby, the metallic structure of the pocket knife Soul is refined, which leads to an increased cutting performance. The pocket knife Soul, also called flick-knife or steak knife, with noble, olive wooden handle creates with the individual, dark grain of the wood a Mediterranean aura. The artisanal production combines best quality material with real suitability for daily use. Through this, the pocket knife Soul fully meets the highest requirements.

pocket knife Soul

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