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flick-knife Janus

Artikel-Nr: FJKS2013, length/dimension: 8.50 cm,
Brand: Nesmuk, Selection: Demonstration products 50%, Clasp knife, Brand line: penknife, Knife shape: Pocket knife

                    The flick-knife Janus has a black shine handle.
                    Nesmuk knives such as the flick-knife Janus are honoured with the Int. Knife Award

The flick-knife Janus convinces by its simple elegance. Artisanal perfection and balanced aesthetics are only a few of the characteristics of the flick-knife Janus of Nesmuk.

The blade of the flick-knife Janus has a very fine metallic structure, which is generated by a new alloy of niobium. Moreover, the blade of the flick-knife Janus is refined by a DLC-coat (diamond-like-carbon), which leads to a perfect cut. The flick-knife Janus is completed by a handle of fine lacquer, which creates a black shine on the surface.

flick-knife Janus

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