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manicure set

Artikel-Nr: PQ2102, length/dimension: 14.6 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Personal Care, Brand line: Mimuno

                    the manicure set from the line personal care from kai
                    the manicure set has 4 items
                    Das Manicure Set für schön gepflegte Hände
                    The manicure set from kai is delivered in a noble leather case

The 4-piece manicure set is composed by a nail scissors, a nail file, a nail care with cuticle scrapper and a cuticle knife mimuno Kai. The manicure set is delivered in a noble leather case.

The products of the manicure set are especially high quality and handy. With the manicure set of Kai your nails can easily be cut, filed and treat. The manicure set is the optimal basis for healthy nails.

The manicure set contains:
- 1 nail scissors
- 1 nail file Kai Mimuno
- 1 nail care with cuticle scrapper
- 1 cuticle knife mimuno kai

manicure set

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