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bamboo knife block

Artikel-Nr: K BLOCK 4 WH-WH, length/dimension: 34x12.3x6.6 cm,
Brand: Kyocera, Selection: Knife block, Brand line: FK Series White

                    The bamboo knife block is delivered with 4 white ceramic knives
                    The bamboo knife block is also used by Rolf Caviezel

Thanks to the bamboo knife block, the sharp ceramic knives with blade length up to 21 cm are always ready to hand. Furthermore, the fine ceramic blades are optimally protected by the bamboo knife block.

The bamboo knife block is delivered with the following white ceramic knives:

- FK-075WH-WH Kyocera paring knife, 7,5 cm long blade
- FK-110WH-WH Kyocera vegetable knife, 11 cm long blade
- FK-130Wh-WH ceramic universal knife white, 13 cm long blade
- FK-140WH-WH Kyocera ceramic knife, 14 cm long blade

The bamboo knife block can be placed on the worktop , laid in the drawers or hanged on the wall.

The mesures of the bamboo knife block are: length 34 cm x width 12.5 cm x height 6.5 cm

The knife block Kyocera is also delivered without knives.

bamboo knife block

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