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knife bag set

Artikel-Nr: DM-0781JP67, length/dimension: 45x16x7 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knife set, Brand line: Wasabi

                    The knife bag set contains the 5 most important knives
                    The knife bag set is delivered with 5 KAI Wasabi knives
                    Griffdetail der Wasabi Messer in der Messertasche Set
                    Klingendetail der Wasabi Messer in der Messertasche Set

This knife bag set contains 5 Wasabi knives, which are suitable for large kitchens. As ideal stocking place, the knife bag set is a useful company for professional as well as for amateur cooks.

The knife bag set with useful strap is stocked with the following Wasabi knives and completed by Japanese knives shapes:

- 6710P Wasabi knife,  blade 10 cm
- 6715D Wasabi Deba knife, blade 15 cm
- 6716N Wasabi Nakiri, blade 16,5 cm
- 6716S Wasabi Santoku, blade 16,5 cm
- 6721Y Kai Wasabi Yanagiba, blade 21 cm

Dimension closed:   45/16/7 cm L/L/H
Dimension open: 45/43 cm L/L

This product is also available without knives as Kai knife bag.

knife bag set

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