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loop tool set

Artikel-Nr: 90 844 08 02,
Brand: Triangle, Selection: Knife set, Brand line: Sculpting tools

                    The loop tool set contains 5 pieces
                    With the loop tool set the cutting in of fruits is made easy
                    With the loop tool set beautiful decorations can be made
                    The loop tool set is delivered in a useful bag
                    The loop tool set allows carving fruits and vegetables without effort

The triangle® loop tool set has been developed for the form design of fruit, vegetables, butter, sausages, cheese and chocolate. The loop tool set is especially suitable for the hollowing out, cutting in, marking or the pulling of of smooth surfaces.

The tools of the loop tool set are made from hardened, stainless strap iron and they are carefully wrought and sharpened. The handles of the loop tool set are made from high quality polypropylene and non-slip soft grip.

The 8-piece triangle® loop tool set with useful bag contains the following tools:


  • 75 845 50 Siam knife
  • 25 838 55 loop tool
  • 25 839 75 loop tool
  • 25 840 60 loop tool
  • 25 841 70 loop tool
  • 25 842 60 loop tool
  • 25 843 70 loop tool
  • 25 817 45 ceramic whetstone for the resharpening of the knives

loop tool set

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