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ceramic knife set

Artikel-Nr: WH HANDLE GIFT SET, length/dimension: 14.0/7.5 cm,
Brand: Kyocera, Selection: Bestseller, Knife set, Brand line: FK Series White, Knife shape: Santoku

                    ceramic knife set with white paring knife and white Santoku
                    Kyocera Keramikmesserset mit weissen Griffen, weissen Klingen
                    The white ceramic knife set is a nice present
                    Voucher for free regrinding of ceramic knife set

The ceramic knife set of Kyocera is a nice gift for every cooking aficionado. The ceramic knife set consists of a white paring knife and a white Santoku knife.

Lightness, taste neutrality, and special hardness and sharpness are only a few characteristics of the white high-tech ceramic knives of Kyocera.

Due to their ergonomic handle made from synthetic material these ceramic knives are easy to manage. The ceramic knife set of Kyocera is delivered in a nice gift box.

Kyocera paring knife FK-075 WH-WH: ceramic blade 7.5 cm

Kyocera ceramic knife FK-140 WH-WH: ceramic blade 14 cm

white grip, white blade

To the new ceramic knives of Kyocera is attached one  VOUCHER for 1 free regrinding service worth CHF 28.--.



ceramic knife set

CHF 119.00
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