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book "Garnieren & Verzieren"

Artikel-Nr: SA0036,
Brand: Triangle, Selection: Kitchen accessories, Brand line: Sculpting tools

                    book "Garnieren & Verzieren"  of Georg Hartung
                    The book "Garnieren & Verzieren"  shows how to make nice decorations
                    Nice deocrations with the book "Garnieren & Verzieren" 
                    The book "Garnieren & Verzieren"  shows how to make melon stars
                    Easy decoration with the book "Garnieren & Verzieren"

Better eating with kohlrabi flowers, melon stars or wave skewers. With the book "Garnieren & Verzieren leicht gemacht" of Georg Hartung you can easily make of your buffet a feast for the eyes.

The book "Garnieren & Verzieren" explains the basics of decoration, so for example color sequences and choice of the tools. The ideas shown by the book "Garnieren & Verzieren" can easily be put into practice, thanks to the step-by-step-explanations ant the fotos.

title of the book: "Garnieren & Verzieren leicht gemacht"

author: professional cook Georg Hartung

95 pages, many colored fotos, paperback

book "Garnieren & Verzieren"

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