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Red Wood knife set

Artikel-Nr: MGR-320, length/dimension: 16.50 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Sale 20%, Knife set, Brand line: Seki Magoroku Red Wood, Knife shape: Chef's knife

                    Red Wood knife set with utility knife, chef's knife and Santoku
                    Griffansicht des Red Wood Messerset 
                    Klingenansicht des Red Wood Messerset 
                    Red Wood knife set on noble knife block - for every kind of task in the kitchen
                    Pascal Schmutz ist Fan vom Red Wood Messerset

The Red Wood knife set is composed by the perfect trio: utility knife, slicing knife and Santoku. With the Red Wood knife set every kind of task can be done.

The knives of the Red Wood knife set are made from high-quality steel and have a handle made from Red Wood. This special hardwood is by nature oil-bearing and like this very water-resistant.

The Red Wood knife set contains a:

utility knife Red Wood MGR-150U, blade of 15cm

Red Wood Santoku MGR-170S, blade of 17cm

Red Wood slicing knife MGR-200L, blade of 22,5cm

Red Wood knife set

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