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Kaji Santoku

Artikel-Nr: KDM-0004, length/dimension: 18 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun Kaji, Knife shape: Santoku

                    Kaji Santoku with scalloped blade
                    Griffdetail des Kaji Santoku
                    Kaji Santoku with symmetric handle for good manageability
                    The Kaji Santoku is produced by Japanese cutlers
                    Kaji Santoku - Bestseller of the Kaji series

Topseller of the Kaji series is the Kaji Santoku. Thanks to its large blade, the Kaji Santoku is also appreciated by professional cooks.

Thanks to the special hardness of 64 Rockwell of the Kaji Santoku, the blade is particularly sharp and persistent. The special characteristic of the Kaji series is the high gloss polished blade, which makes out of every knife an optical highlight. The riveted grip made from laminated pakka wood offers with its symmetric shape good manageability for right handers as well as for lefties.

Kaji Santoku

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