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Kyocera paring knife

Artikel-Nr: FK-075WH-WH, length/dimension: 7.50 cm,
Brand: Kyocera, Selection: Knives, Brand line: FK Series White, Knife shape: Office knife

                    Kyocera paring knife in trendy white
                    Voucher for regrinding of Kyocera paring knife

The combination of white ceramic blade and white synthetic grip makes the Kyocera paring knife elegant. The white Kyocera paring knife is appropriate for the treatment of fruits, vegetables, boneless meats and other goods.

Due to the white ergonomic handle made from synthetic material the Kyocera paring knife is easy to handle.

The white Kyocera paring knife is characterized by its taste neutrality, its lightness and its special hardness and sharpness.

To the new generation of the Kyocera paring knives is attached a  VOUCHER for 1 regrinding service worth CHF 28.--.

Kyocera paring knife

CHF 49.00
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