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Santoku knife

The Santoku knife is the Japanese multi-purpose knife. It has a larger blade, compared to the European shape. A Santoku knife is grinded on both sides and is the ideal beginner knife for fans of Japanes knives shapes. Santoku means "knife of the three virtues", which means meat, fish and vegetables.

Caminada Santoku
Santoku knife, Caminada Santoku
Santoku knife, Santoku
Wasabi Santoku Kai
Santoku knife, Wasabi Santoku Kai
Minamo Santoku Knife
Santoku knife, Minamo Santoku Knife
Caminada Santoku Esche
Santoku knife, Caminada Santoku Esche
Shin Knife Set
Santoku knife, Shin Knife Set
damask knife Güde
Santoku knife, damask knife Güde
Santoku knife, Knife
Ivo Adam large Santoku
Santoku knife, Ivo Adam large Santoku
Santoku left handed
Santoku knife, Santoku left handed
Güde Santoku
Santoku knife, Güde Santoku
knives set Pure Komachi 2
Santoku knife, knives set Pure Komachi 2
Shin White Santoku
Santoku knife, Shin White Santoku
Wakatake Santoku
Santoku knife, Wakatake Santoku
Shoso Santoku
Santoku knife, Shoso Santoku
Masahiro santoku
Santoku knife, Masahiro santoku

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