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Knife block

Knife blocks allow a safe and gentle storage of knives, which are like this always ready to hand. Knife blocks are an attractive eye-catcher in every kitchen. welt-der-messer.ch offers the knife blocks with or without knives.

knife block Stonehenge oak wood
Knife block, knife block Stonehenge oak wood
Kai Knife Block Walnut
Knife block, Kai Knife Block Walnut
Güde knife holder
Knife block, Güde knife holder
knife block design
Knife block, knife block design
knife block
Knife block, knife block
Nesmuk knife block
Knife block, Nesmuk knife block
magnetic knife block
Knife block, magnetic knife block
Güde knife holder oak
Knife block, Güde knife holder oak
wooden magnetic bar
Knife block, wooden magnetic bar
Shun knife block
Knife block, Shun knife block
knife block wasabi equipped
Knife block, knife block wasabi equipped
Kai knife block
Knife block, Kai knife block
knife holder set oak
Knife block, knife holder set oak
Wasabi knife block
Knife block, Wasabi knife block
Kyocera bamboo knife block
Knife block, Kyocera bamboo knife block

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