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Elite grater fine

Artikel-Nr: 49004,
Brand: Microplane, Selection: Kitchen utensils, Brand line: Elite Grater

                    Die Microplane Elite Reibe fein hat eine superscharfe Klinge
                    With the Elite grater fine finest grating results can be produced
                    The blade of the Elite grater fine stays long-lastingly sharp
                    The Elite grater fine has a concave stainless steel blade
                    Zähne der Elite Reibe fein bleiben dauerhaft scharf
                    Microplane Elite Reibe fein mit anderen Reiben

The blade of the Elite grater fine is made fro high-quality stainless steel. The teeth of the Elite grater fine are long-lastingly sharp.

The Elite grater fine is delivered with a protecting cover, which can also be used as collecting vessel. The shape of the Elite grater fine as well as the frame are made from hard synthetic material guarantee good stability.

Elite grater fine

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