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Microplane Premium set

Artikel-Nr: CH-MP-4546,
Brand: Microplane, Selection: Kitchen accessories, Brand line: Zester

                    Microplane Premium set with zester and medium grater
                    The Microplane Premium set combines useful tools for grating
                    Blade of the Microplane Premium set
                    The Microplane Premium set is ideal for hard cheese
                    The Microplane Premium set is especially suitable for vegetables
                    Microplane Premium Set mit Zester plus Reibe

The Microplane Premium set combines the zester, which is formed like a file, and the grater with medium blade. Like this the Microplane Premium set offers the most important tools for grating.

The zester, which is part of the Microplane Premium set, has written its success story as bestseller all over the world and is apreciated by professional chefs as well as by amateur cooks. The zester is ideal for ginger, citrus fruit, hard cheese, nutmeg, garlic or different vegetables.


The Microplane grater allows to work in two directions and is like this ideal for courgettes, apples, potatoes, hard cheese or cabbage.

Microplane Premium set

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