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cheese mill

Artikel-Nr: 48907, length/dimension: 16.50 cm,
Brand: Microplane, Selection: Sale 20%, Kitchen utensils, Brand line: Specaility Series

                    The cheese mill is especially suitable for Parmesan
                    cheese mill in modern design
                    cheese mill with very sharp stainless steel blades

The cheese mill allows thanks to its stainless steel blades an easy working and is especially suitable for hard cheese, like for example Parmesan. The cheese mill is easy to clean, because it's made from metal.

The cheese mill can be used at the table as well as while cooking. Thanks to two exchangeable stainless steel blades (fine and coarse), the cheese mill is suitable for Parmesan as well as for other hard cheese. The cheese mill is easy to use. You only need to turn the ergonomic soft-touch handle; the long-lasting, razor-sharp blades allow an effortless working. After use, the cheese mill can be closed by a cap and is like this cleanly stored.

cheese mill

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