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Artikel-Nr: DM-0702, length/dimension: 18 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Santoku

                    The popular Santoku is winner of Kassensturz
                    Damask Santoku knife on ice
                    Santoku damask knife
                    Santoku for cutting meet, fish and vegetables
                    Santoku cutting green onion
                    Japanese forger fabricating Santoku kife

The Santoku is appropriate for meat, fish and vegetables. The special shape of the Santoku assures a good handling and an effortless working.

„Santoku“ means three virtues for the condiments meat, fish and vegatables. Like the European kitchen knife, the Santoku slices the cutting products by pushing or pulling the blade over the whole length. Thanks to its large blade and the easy handling it is not only appreciated by chefs but also by amateur cooks.

Tip: working like a pro
To ensure a professional handling of the Santoku, you press the thumb of the left hand (right handers) and the little finger together and curve the middle fingers. Like this the Santoku can glide on their surface and allows like this a safer working.


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