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herb mill

Artikel-Nr: 48906,
Brand: Microplane, Selection: Demonstration products 50%, Kitchen utensils, Brand line: Specaility Series

                    herb mill for more freshness in your kitchen
                    The herb mill can directly be used at the table
                    herb mill with very sharp steel blades
                    herb mill in modern design with stainless steel and green top

The herb mill seasons every dish with freshness. Thanks to the sharp high-grade steel blades of the herb mill, the herbs are finely cut.

What makes the herb mill special...

Thanks to the special design of the herb mill, herbs are finely cut and not crushed or grinded. Like this, they keep most of their aroma, juices and agents. So, the herb mill does not just look nice, but also facilitates the work and animates like this to use more often fresh herbs.

herb mill

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