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Oyster knife damask

Artikel-Nr: S-103DE, length/dimension: 7.50 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Custom Knife, Swiss Knife, Brand line: Damask knife, Knife shape: Larding knife

                    Oyster knife damask made of the sknife manufactory
                    Oyster knife damask blade structure
                    Oyster knife damask with other sknife damask knives£
                    Oyster knife damask sknife with sknife logo
                    Oyster knife damask with handle made of stabilised wood
                    Oyster knife damask production

The oyster knife damask is made of stainless damask steel; it is a real collector’s item. The oyster knife damask has a blade with a hardness of 60 HRC. As all other sknife knives also this is produced in Switzerland.

The blade pattern of the oyster knife damask harmonizes perfectly with the black colored ash handle. The oyster knife damask is provided in a dark colored wooden box.

More information regarding the sknife damask knives: www.sknife.com

Oyster knife damask

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