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Oyster opener sknife

Artikel-Nr: S-103W, length/dimension: 7.50 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Novelties, Swiss Knife, Brand line: Oyster knife, Knife shape: Larding knife

                    Oyster opener sknife walnut
                    Oyster opener sknife
                    Oyster opener sknife with handle of stabilised wood
                    Oyster opener sknife with blade of surgical steel
                    Oyster opener sknife forge

With the oyster opener sknife and his thin blade opening an oyster – without damaging the oyster shell – becomes very easy. The blades of the oyster opener sknife are partially grinded – the thin back of the blade ensures a good stability – therefore opening the oysters doesn’t need a big effort.

The oyster opener sknife are made of surgical steel and forged in Switzerland. The finishing of the oyster opener sknife is done by hand in Biel. The noble handle made of swiss walnut wood is stabilized and therefore water-repellent.

Here you’ll find information regarding the sknife manufactory: www.sknife.com.

Oyster opener sknife

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