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blade guard M

Artikel-Nr: SK-M, length/dimension: 24x6 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Kitchen accessories, Brand line: blade guard

                    Klingenschutz mittel
                    sknife Klingenschutz 
                    The blade guard M is made for medium knives
                    The blade guard M has very strong included magnets

The newly developed, swiss made blade guard M of sknife is fabricated of robust, cutting resistant high-tech polyester. The blade guard M is suitable for blades of a length of 24 cm and a width of 6 cm, so for example the bestselling Santoku or kitchen knives. The knives can even be stored on the wall, thanks to the very strong included magnets.

The cloth and the included magnets of the blade guard M are consistent with the REACH order. The blade guard M is also available in size S or L.

More details on www.sknife.com

blade guard M

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