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Güde sharpening steel

Artikel-Nr: E055/26, length/dimension: 26 cm,
Brand: Güde, Selection: Sharpening technique, Brand line: Barrel oak series

The Güde sharpening steel is the optimal tool for resharpening. The finely polished handle of the Güde sharpening steel is made from the oak wood of over 80 years old wine barrels.

The Güde sharpening steel is part of the series "barrel oak", which has especially been developed in collaboration with a star rated cook for wine lovers and cooking enthusiasts.

With every cut a knife loses a bit of its sharpness, reason why it should regularly be sharpened by the Güde sharpening steel.

application advice

Right handers hold the Güde sharpening steel with the left hand and the knife with the right hand (lefties do it vice versa). Then both sides of the blade are sharpened for 10 times over all the length of the Güde sharpening steel in an angle of 15°. With only a little bit of practice, the resharpening can easily be done and the knives stay sharp and always ready for daily use.

Güde sharpening steel

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