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Kai knife

Artikel-Nr: TDM-1702, length/dimension: 18 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun Premier, Knife shape: Santoku

                    Kai Messer mit Damastklinge mit Hammerschlagoberfläche
                    Micha Schärer with Santoku Kai knife
                    The Kai knife is appropriate for meat, fish or vegetables
                    Kai knife in production
                    Tim Mälzer with Santoku Kai knife
                    The Kai knife is thanks to the hammer stroke surface an eye-catcher

The Kai knife of the series Tim Mälzer is thanks to its hammer stroke surface a real eye-catcher. Extreme sharpness and good manageability are the characteristics of the Kai knife.

The Kai knife of the series Shun Premier Tim Mälzer are made from 32 layers of anti-corrosive damask steel and refined by a handworked hammerstroke surface, in Japan known as Tsuchime and combine like this timeless esthetics and unique sharpness. The blade of the Kai knife possesses a solid core of VG-10 steel with a hardness of 61±1 HRC. According to the anniversary knife the value has also for this series been set on extreme hardness and optimal manageability. Kai knives are like this professional cutting tools, which set new standards for the premium segment by highest functionality and timeless design.

Kai knife

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