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Steak cutlery

Artikel-Nr: DMS-907, length/dimension: 12.0/21.0 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knife set, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Steak knife

                    The steak cutlery is a noble trio
                    Steak cutlery with steak knife, steak fork and knife rest
                    Steak cutlery for perfect cutting of meat
                    Damask steel production for steak cutlery
                    The steak cutlery is also appreciated by Sapori Ticino Chefs

With the clean cutting technique of the steak cutlery meat can be cut razorsharpely and microscopically fine. Thanks to the steak cutlery liquids stay in the meat. Like this it unfolds all its fineness inside of the palatine of the connoisseur.

Thanks to the handy shape of the steak cutlery the steak can perfectly be cut. As cutlery trio with steak fork and knife rest the steak cutlery allows to work on a highest level. The knife rest is also separately available and can be commanded with the reference DM-0990-1.

The Steak cutlery contains:

- Steak Knife, DM-0711, 12.5 cm
- Steak fork
- Knife rest, DM-0990-1

Steak cutlery

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