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Knife set Kai

Artikel-Nr: DMS-210, length/dimension: 9.0/15.0 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knife set, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Utility knife

                    Knife set Kai with utility knife and paring knife
                    Pakka wood handle of knife set Kai
                    Sapori Ticino chefs also working with knife set Kai
                    Damask steel production for knife set Kai

A work of art like the knife set Kai always demands the adequate frame so that all its beauty comes to its own, reason why the knife set Kai, which consists of a utility knife and a paring knife, is packed in a noble wooden casket.

The knife set Kai is also a perfectly appropriate gift for ambitious amateur cook. Both Shun damask knives are extremely sharp and thanks to the damask grain particularly noble.

The Shun paring knife is the small version of the chef's knife. In its dimension the utility knife is placed between the kitchen knife and the paring knife, but its blade is slimmer and straighter.


The Knife set Kai contains:

- Paring Knife, DM-0700, 9 cm

- Utility Knife Kai, DM-0701, 15 cm

Knife set Kai

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