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Boning knife Gokujo

Artikel-Nr: DM-0743, length/dimension: 15 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Steak boning knife

                    The boning knife Gokujo can be used for boning meat
                    Ausbeinmesser Gokujo ist geeignet für das Entbeinen von Lammkeule
                    The boning knife Gokujo is also appreciated by Sapori Ticino chefs
                    The boning knife Gokujo is made from damascene steel
                    Schmieden des Ausbeinmesser Gokujo

The boning knife Gokujo of the Kai Shun series can be used for different tasks like boning meat. The boning knife Gokujo is especially appropriate for the boning of gigot or lamb shoulder as well as to separate the chicken breast filet of the carcass.

Thanks to the refinement of the naturally beautiful damascene grain the boning knife Gokujo gets its individual character . Like this every boning knife Gokujo is an unique - a work of art- made from the combination of handicraft, technique and design.

Boning knife Gokujo

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