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Utility knife Kai

Artikel-Nr: DM-0701, length/dimension: 15 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Utility knife

                    utility knife Kai for the treatment of meat or fruit
                    Utility knife Kai on magnetic knife block
                    Kai utility knife Kai for cutting fruit
                    production of utility knife Kai
                    close-up of grained utility knife's blade

The utility knife Kai is the ideal tool for various cutting products. The utility knife Kai is especially well suited for the treatment of meat or fruit.

The convex cut of the blade, together with the manual honing of this utility knife Kai, delivers an unrivalled sharpness that allows the utility knife Kai to cut through even the toughest material.

Preparation: to parry meat (remove fat and fibres). Scoop out fruit like melon etc. The utility knife is also perfectly appropriate to cut Salami or dried meat directly at the table.

Tips of a pro
Buy some dried meat in one piece, take a nice wooden cutting board and cut wafer-thin slices. That’s just more taste and more pleasure.

Best-seller of the Kai Shun Series is the Santoku.

Utility knife Kai

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