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ceramic slicer

Artikel-Nr: CSN-152-NBK,
Brand: Kyocera, Selection: Kitchen utensils, Brand line: Ceramic plane

                    Ceramic slicer for perfect,fresh apple chips
                    Ceramic slicer of Kyocera with sharp ceramic blade
                    Ceramic slicer cuts easily vegetables and fruit

The ceramic slicer does not alter the taste or smell of food and cuts sharply vegetables and fruit. The extremely sharp blade of the ceramic slicer simplifies the planing and stays sharp for a long time.

The ceramic slicer cuts without crushing the cell structure and like this keeps better the taste. His surface is antibacterial and easy to clean.

Fresh apple chips - the new apple pleasure
Apple chips in the previous meaning do not exist, because apples do tend to get brown very fast. The browning can be explained, besides the crushing of the cell structure, also by a reaction with the ordinary steel. Due to the ceramic slicer with high-tech ceramic blade flimsy apple chips can be quickly prepared and freshly served without additives.

ceramic slicer

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