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Damask knives

The damask knives steel is fabricated by hand according to a "composite-fire-welding-process" developped 2000 years ago in Damaskus. Damask knives are made from "wild damask", according to one of the most demanding way of damask steel production.

Two types of steel are joined by very high temperatures to more than 300 layers: one highly blended tool steel, which is hard but brittle and one hard, ductile nickel steel, which is soft and flexible. Like this you get a hard but still elastic, non rostproof steel. The damask steel knife is a masterpiece of the art of forging and fascinates by its artisanal and technical perfection. The damask grain gives the blade a personal touch - like a fingerprint. Consistent with the unique design, the molded recesses are made from 1500 years old iron wood, a partly fossilized wood.

The damask chef's knife has been awarded by the "Red Dot Design-Award" in 1999, which is one of the most famous German design awards.


                    close up of damask knife blade
                    knives production of damask knife
                    smithy for damask knives
                    cutler producing damask knife
                    Güde damask knives series