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Care of chef's knives

That the high quality Güde chef's knives gives pleasure to you for a long time, the Güde chef's knives should be cleaned like they have been manufactured: by hand.

Care information:

  1. Do clean the knife immediatly after use with a wet cloth
  2. Do not leave th knive uncleaned – especially after having treaten acidic food (e.g. lemon juice)
  3. Never clean knives with acidly or abrasive materials
  4. Do neither wash knives with woody handle in the dishwasher nor leave them in the water

The damascene knives are not stainless and may not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Cleaning of the damascene knife should be by hand and the blade should be lubricated afterwards with an acid-free oil.


Kitchen knives should allways be quickly and easily at hand. For a domestic use of the knives we recommend to keep them in a knife block which should be worked solidely and stable and be suitable in his materiality with the knives. If there is not enough space to place a knife block, a magnetic bar would be a great alternative. To avoid damages of the blades or handles, never leave knives loosely but protect it with a blade guard.