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Güde knives

Forged from only one piece of steel the Güde knives are polished by hand to intransigent artisanal quality. The Güde knives of the manufacture Güde Solingen, who bethinks itself with its fourth generation of the original forms of chef's knives, are made for people who look for real values and who like cooking.

Hand forged damask steel knives
The damask steel knives series of Güde is fabricated by hand according to a "composite-fire-welding-process". Treating the "wild Damask", two types of steel are joined by very high temperatures to more than 300 layers. For more information view Güde Damask knives.


Hand forged and matured for years
The Alpha Barrel Oak knives exert fascination and passion on every hobby cook or wine connoisseur: the hand forged blade made from chrome-vanadium-molybdenum-steel is processed by more than 40 manual work steps. The grip is made from oak wood of more than 80 year old wine barrels. Tecnically the barrel oak wood entrances people because it does not move anymore after the long lasting storage of the barrels. Besides the barrel oak woody handles accentuate the cool plainness and imparts a high emotional value for every wine connoisseur.


Also the Güde Delta knives series is fabricated by hand from one piece of rostless chrome-vanadium-molybdenum-steel and completed by more than 40 manual work steps -  so the blade is hand sharpened too. The classy accomplished grips are lightly elevated and made from Grenadilla wood. The solid workmanship and the generously applied materials confer an incomparable balance to de knives of the Delta series and makes cutting an unique experience.


For the fabrication of the Alpha Olive models is used selected, 100 - 500 year old olive wood. Like this the grip shows a nice grain.


The finely polished handle of the Alpha Professional Series is made from robust, easy-care Hostaform. Dishwasher safe these knives fulfill all requests set by gastronomy.