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steak knive ash

Artikel-Nr: S-101E, length/dimension: 11 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Swiss Knife, Knives, Brand line: Steak knife, Knife shape: Steak knife

                    Schweizer Messer
                    sknife Steakmesser Esche
                    Schweizer Messer Lasegravur
                    Sknife Messer
                    Steakmesser Schweiz

The well-designed steak knive ash from sknife is forged in Switzerland (Emmental) out of nitraded surgery-steel 1.4123. That steel has an 4 times higher corrosion resistance and the hardness of 58 HRC. The handles are made of stabilized ash wood. The finish The steak knife ash gets his finish from cutler Hansjörg Kilchenmann in Basel. It comes in a classic old wood box.

The smooth transition from handle to the blade makes the steak knife ash into a real pleasure to hold. Thanks to the optimised design, the cutting edge of the steak knive ash is contactless.

More informations:  www.sknife.com

steak knive ash

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